A Fork in the Road

Today I stand with two clear choices to make for the direction of my life. Do I take path A or B? This is what I must decide. Everyday of our lives we make these simple decisions, but every once in a while that choice is more defined, and has more far reaching affects.

Being at this point is a rather peculiar feeling, the clear possibilities in front of me are tantalizing and frightening, and feels like I’m at the precipice of choice. I can see both paths, and travelling down either one is tempting. Perhaps this is because both options before me are good choices. They have their down sides to be sure, but each offers me a great deal to look forward to.

No matter what I decide I think I will always wonder what was down the other path. At this moment I feel like I can see them both plainly, but that may change in time. The mists of my own indecision are clearing, and I look forward to what may come.

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